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Made from 100% organic cotton and printed with the beautiful designs of May Gibbs, these organic cotton wraps allow you to wrap your gift in a sustainable way which is an alternative to paper and plastic. Each piece is approximately 50 x 50 cm, large enough for small gifts like our 4 pack of bath bombs, or 8 of our soaps. Also use for a bottle of wine, socks, books, DVDs, jewelry, box, a watch, aftershave, clutch bag, Kindle, iPad. Can easily be washed and then ironed to use again.


A how to wrap card will be enclosed with your purchase.


Patterns of fabric will vary, please choose a colour and one of the patterns will be sent.




Organic Cotton Gift Wrap

Choose a Colour
  • Lay wrap flat and place gift in the centre. Take the two  corners opposite each other diagonally and tie or tuck them snuggly around the gift. Take the two remaining corners and fold and tie over the top in a knot or bow. Add dried flowers or ribbon to finish.

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