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  • How does the subscription work?
    Every two months you will receive your choice of soap pack delivered to your door. You will receive soap every two months until you cancel your subscription. You will be billed every two months for the agreed amount.
  • What is the Bubble Club?
    The Bubble Club is a soap subscription which offers 3 pack sizes to choose from depending on how many people are in. your household. Delivery is every two months. You will also be billed every two months.
  • Can I choose which soap is in my Bubble Club?
    You will get a mix of Capertee Valley Soaps in. your pack but if there is a particular soap you wish to have please email me, Please note: Soaps in the Bubble Club won't have individual wrappers unless requested.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?
    Please use the Contact page and send me a message. You can cancel anytime but not within a week of when a delivery is due.
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