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Goat milk soap

Creamy Goat
Milk Soap


With at least 25% goat milk in each bar combined

with natural oils,

our soap is guaranteed to leave you feeling drenched in the beauty of nature. 


Goat milk is naturally high in saturated and unsaturated fat,

and it creates a soap that is creamy, gentle, and nourishing.

It is also packed full of nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes which may help your skin stay healthy.

We also use coconut oil which is a gentle cleanser and

hydrates your skin along with organic hemp seed oil that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Additionally we use locally grown olive oil 

which is high in antioxidants 

and it cleanses, hydrates and protects your skin.

Our goat milk soap contains no palm oil or toxic additives making it safe to use on all skin types including sensitive.

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